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Wellness Redefined
The term “wellness” has become very popular with the drugstore chains, health care practitioners, human resource managers and exercise facilities alike. However, no one industry owns or has defined the term “wellness.” According to The American Chiropractic Association definition “wellness care” is “an active process that promotes health and enhances quality of life.” Dr. Larry Savage prefers to use the word “Salutogenesis” instead of “wellness.” Salutogenesis is a term that means the creation of health and wellness.

What does this mean?
Dr Larry Savage, a chiropractic physician at Savage Chiropractic in Tucson Arizona, sheds light on this popular expression. “As a Chiropractor, my ultimate goal is help my patients create health from the inside out and enable a sense of ease in their life,” says Dr. Savage. Individuals who seek out wellness care are those who want to improve the ability of their body to resist the negative forces of every day stress. “Think of chiropractic salutogenic care as a part of a healthy lifestyle for the long term,” he says. “Identifying areas of the spine that are interfering with ease of movement and proper nervous system function make it difficult to have coordinated function.” Investing in a salutogenic wellness-care program today and focusing on your health, reducing physical and emotional stressors and optimizing your body’s potential to adapt to the stresses of life with improved spinal structural alignment will prepare you for a much happier and stronger tomorrow.

How can you start your wellness care today?
Let’s face it, everyone can implement healthy habits at any point in their life. Since wellness care is based on the salutogenic effect, your best bet is to seek out a doctor of chiropractic, such as Dr. Savage, whose focus is on the correction of spinal structural shift. “Therapeutic Chiropractic care in non-surgical treatments for neck pain, headaches and low-back pain are quite effective.” he says. Dr. Savage is currently offering all prospective new patients a complimentary wellness consultation to experience what everyone is talking about. At the appointment, Dr. Savage will consult with a friendly conversation to identify the best wellness strategy.

Dr. Savage encourages patients to drop by at least one hour before closing. Appointments are available as well. To schedule your complimentary wellness-care consultation, call 520.321.0331 or email His office is at 5667 East Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85712, right off Grant Road, east of Craycroft.