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Can Chiropractic care fight off cold and flu?

Spinal Structural Shift, Nutrition, Exercise; Interconnected Antiviral Strategies

It has been said that to articulate the obvious is sometimes revolutionary. All too often viral infections are treated as separate from the body being infected. The body must mount an immune response; therefore, whole body health is a prerequisite to an optimized immune response that can limit damage and promote recovery or avoid the virus altogether. The following four strategies; Antiviral, Antireplication , Immunonutrition, and Structural Support, have some overlap but that’s to be expected since each section may have an acute, chronic, degenerative and/or autoimmune phases.
Antiviral Strategies are actions we can take to block the working mechanism of the virus. Some anti-virus strategies are by eradication such as washing your hands, disinfectants or avoidance. Nutrition can play a role in your anti-virus strategy with the supplementation of licorice, zinc, grape seed extract and L-lysine. Malnutrition and relative nutritional deficiencies leave the host susceptible to more severe infections and can be a driving force in further viral mutation.

Antireplication strategies target the virus’s ability to high-jack the host cell’s DNA. Viruses attack the cell’s DNA converting them into “bad genes” and then leave them “on” to replicate, survive and propagate disease. Nutritional strategies include supplementation of alphalipoic acid, NAC and Phytonutrients (compounds found in plants; herbs, fruits and vegetables).

Immunonutrition refers to any nutrient that can affect and benefit our immune system function. Supplementation with zinc, Vitamin D3, vitamin A and C, Omega-3 fatty acids, Whey protein and the restriction of carbohydrates are all well tolerated and have shown a substantial anti-viral effect on many common viruses. Excess inflammation causes an induced immune system impairment that can be turned off by the addition of the previously mentioned nutritional components thus promoting healing. The avoidance of sugar is obvious.

Structural Support refers to optimal sleep, stress management, sustainable exercise, and nourishing diet along with probiotics and Chiropractic care. Many studies suggest that lack of sleep, too much stress and not enough exercise interfere with immune system function, increase systemic inflammation and inhibit lymphatic flow. Spinal adjustment has shown benefit for those with pneumonia and acute otitis media. It is worth noting that the brain and spinal cord constitutes the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls coordinates and regulates every function in the body. The central nervous system is housed and protected by the bones of the skull and the 24 movable bones of the spine. Any structural shift of these bones can interfere with nervous system function and leave the body susceptible to secondary complications like immune system compromise. Chiropractic adjustment to restore spinal function and reduce structural shift should be part of everyone’s cold and flu season wellness strategy.